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#BUDGET2017 – No radical economic transformation without finance basics, says Gordhan

PARLIAMENT – Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan on Wednesday warned that government’s oft-stated drive for radical economic transformation would come to naught if it did not respect financial wisdom and frameworks. Deviating from his prepared budget speech, Gordhan told Parliament: “Without doing the right things financially we cannot go about implementing all the plans and ambitions […]

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Government releases details about big transformation deals in construction

PARLIAMENT – Government on Monday released details of its agreement with construction companies to promote transformation in the sector, saying black-owned firms and equity owners could see turnover totalling between R21bn and R27bn annually over the next seven years. The agreement which was entered into following the companies being fined R1.4bn for collusion, would see […]

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#SONA2017 COMMENT: Time to declare war on inequality, poverty and white economic dominance

The State of the Nation address (SONA) which the President will deliver tonight must be a declaration of war against inequality, poverty and white economic dominance. This is the only way to move South Africa forward. The last thing average South Africans need is another sideshow of insults and fights, and possibly injuries or worse, with the […]

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Women against feminism must fall!

Societal categorisation exists. Women are grouped as one coherent group. However, circumspection contradicts this belief and it is proven women work against each other at all odds. Is women conflict derived from different societal status, race, qualification or general diverse backgrounds? Or, plainly stated, is it because we women are trifling, narrow-minded and loquacious? Our […]