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Marikana activist held for 62 days without bail, tells supporters to remain strong

Napoleon Webster appeared in the Rustenburg Magistrate’s Court earlier today for the continuation of his bail hearing with respect to his alleged involvement in a mob murder that took place on 8 December 2016 in Marikana West. On Monday, the State announced that they would be charging a further three people for their involvement in this murder, bringing […]

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State testimony against Marikana accused ‘riddled with contradictions’

RUSTENBURG, February 9 (ANA) – The testimony of the State in the a murder case involving six Marikana men is riddled with contradictions, the Rustenburg Magistrate’s Court heard on Thursday. “Your evidence is full of contradictions, forgetfulness and untruths,” Leofi Leshabana for Napoleon Webster, told State witness Captain Jack Sepeng, in a bid to punch […]

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Social worker describes charges against Marikana activists as ‘trumped up and politically motivated’

The Rustenburg Magistrate’s Court swelled with supporters as the bail hearing for six Marikana activists, accused of the murder of a 39-year-old man Sabata Petros Chale in Marikana West on December 8 last year continued yesterday, with Advocate Andries Nkome leading cross examination of police officer Captain Jack Sepeng. The State is arguing that the six […]

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Concerns mount for Marikana activists

In a press statement released earlier today by The Marikana Support Campaign, Nigel Branken, social worker and member of of the Marikana Support Campaign expressed the organisation’s deep concern about the ongoing detention and prosecution of six Marikana activists. Allegations of torture during their detention, including the use of electric shocks have been made by the accused. […]