What do white supremacists, black nationalists and liberals have in common on Dolezal’s choices for self-identification?

    Ann Morning, associate professor of Sociology at New York University and author of The Nature of Race: How scientists think and teach about human differences, reminds us: “US Census Bureau research suggests that million of Americans change their racial self-identification from one census to the next. Here is the chance to learn about one […]

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Why must people bleed before they listen?

The Honourable Blade Nzimande is currently the Minister of Higher Education and Training and the Secretary General of the South African Communist Party. In recent reported headlines Nzimande supports the calls of the Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa’s call for an inquiry into the previous Public Protector’s “State of Capture”. According to Nzimande, there’s lack of […]

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The 106-year-old centre of the ANC must hold – beyond personal discomfort

In the aftermath of the reshuffle of Cabinet the first statements from members of the ANC top six appeared conflicting. We heard from the secretary general. deputy president and treasurer general that they were not consulted, but informed. We also heard the deputy secretary general, chairperson and President confirming lengthy discussions the Monday night that […]

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How to heal South Africa

South Africa’s biggest problems  Leanne Williams   It does not take a genius to figure out that there is no sunshine in our “Rainbow Nation”. Let’s review the real issues and not the perception created in the media. High unemployment rate, reaching its highest ever-percentage in 2016 of 54.5% The quality of education for most […]