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WATCH: Shootout between Police and Nigerians in Vanderbijlpark

WeeklyXpose Team

VANDERBIJLPARK – The Vanderbijlpark SAPS has urged residents and motorists to avoid the area in Forest Street between Currie Boulevard and Hallwatch Street due to a shootout between the SAPS and Nigerians.

Police spokesperson, Sergeant Gertrude Makhale, told the 90.6 FM Stereo News Team in an interview just before 14:00 that SAPS members wanted to search a house in CW5 earlier today, but no one came to answer the door.

“When police could get in eventually, they found a corpse in the house. However, when relatives of the person who was found dead arrived, they were under the impression that the SAPS killed the person and the situation escalated”, said Makhale.

Makhale said three police officers were assaulted, one of which was critically injured and taken to a hospital. Two police vehicles were damaged. Warning shots were fired after the assault on police officers.

According to Makhale there are about 50 Nigerians at the scene and they will make arrests as soon as more back-up from the SAPS has arrived.

Various SAPS units are already on the scene and they have closed off the roads around the area.

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