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Iranian Intelligence Thwarted Several Terror Plots to Disrupt Election – Reports

MOSCOW, May 19 – Iranian intelligence have successfully managed to prevent a number of terrorist cells from carrying out plots aimed at disrupting the Friday presidential election process, local media reported.

On Friday, Iranians go to the polls to vote for one of four presidential candidates, including incumbent leader Hassan Rouhani.

Iranian Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alawi said that a number of small terrorist cells were targeted by the country’s security forces, and none of plots intended to disrupt the election were successfully carried out, according to the Tasnim news agency.

Over 63,000 polling stations opened in Iran on Friday. Due to the high turnout, however, Iranian authorities may decide to extend the polls’ working hours, according to media reports. In order to become the next country’s president should gain, a candidate must receive over 50 percent of votes. If this does not happen, a second election round will follow.


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