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Zimbabwe drifting towards another “2008”

PRETORIA, September 27 – Opposition parties in Zimbabwe, under the banner of National Electoral Reform Agenda (Nera) on Wednesday warned that the socio-economic situation in the country was deteriorating to the levels previously seen in 2008. “We are fast trending towards 2008. They [the government of Zimbabwe] are printing bond notes to bankroll their 2018 election campaign. Sad […]

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Zimbabwe’s ailing economy his rock bottom

HARARE, September 25 – Zimbabwe’s economic crisis is at its worst in years after panicking citizens horded commodities and left supermarket shelves empty in recent days. Alarmed buyers bought goods in bulk after unspecified reports of impending goods shortages in a country ravaged over the years by drought and cash shortages. The resultant shortages have […]

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Zimbabwe shops run empty again

Harare, September 24 – Zimbabwe’s neighbouring country, South Africa will again turn the “Messiah” for its northern neighbour following acute shortage of basic commodities in the country’s supermarkets. Over the weekend, many supermarkets in the capital Harare had run out of groceries while banks had no cash with garages experiencing long and winding fuel queues. […]

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Zim opposition challenges new voter registration process

HARARE, September 18 ‑ The Zimbabwean High Court on Monday deferred to Thursday the hearing of an urgent chamber application by the Morgan Tsvangirai-led MDC-T, where the main opposition political party is seeking an order to suspend the new registration of voters, saying the country’s elections management body, Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec), is “ill-prepared” to conduct the exercise. The […]