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University of Pretoria-Tuks back on track to qualify for the Varsity Football semifinals

JOHANNESBURG, August 10 – The 19-year-old University of Pretoria’s Okolo Chinedu sealed the University of KwaZulu-Natal’s fate on Thursday night when he scored a headed goal for a 2-0 victory in a Varsity Football match at Tuks Stadium. His goal inspired his teammates to play with greater confidence as the game progressed. Though Tuks won […]

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Fees Must Fall Aftermath

Ogopoleng Mushi People were involved with the Fees Must Fall social media hype, but where are those loud voices after the stun grenades, tear gasses, arrests, deaths and the continuation of higher learning institutions extreme tuition fees? Instead of fees “falling”, university fees have increased up to 8% nationwide. The unresolved issues of the department […]