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SACP imbizo kicks off

JOHANNESBURG, May 19 – Member of the tripartite alliance, the SA Communist Party (SACP), which has been a vocal critic of President Jacob Zuma and has called on him to step down is holding its national imbizo from Friday to discuss the problems facing South Africa. The party said the imbizo would be attended by […]

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Communists lash out at Zuma and divulge confidential discussion points

JOHANNESBURG  – The SA Communist Party (SACP) on Wednesday confirmed that President Jacob Zuma plans to replace Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan. SACP deputy secretary Solly Mapaila said his party decided to divulge confidential discussions held with Zuma and other top leaders because of “selective and factional leaking of discussions” to the media. “The SACP wishes […]

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SACP calls for investigation of Multichoice’s possession of Mafela’s archives

JOHANNESBURG – The South African Communist Party (SACP) on Monday, called for an investigation of the transfer of the late actor Joe “Sdumo” Mafela’s work which it said was among the national archives sold to Multichoice by the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC). “The national heritage, in the form of archives, that the SABC conveyed […]