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Long gone are the days the real SACP: the current crop are capitalists dressed in red

Nzimande’s leadership reshaped the SACP into a bastion of individual self-interest    The South African Communist Party, from inception, was never known for its big numbers. It almost always played a crucial role for its intellectual and ideological input into the ANC and its structures. It was instrumental in the ANC’s adoption of the Marxist […]

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#GuptaEmails ‘genuine’ – SACP

JOHANNESBURG, June 4– The barrage of emails that show the extent of influence over President Jacob Zuma, government, and state-owned enterprises (SoEs) by the wealthy, politically connected Gupta family seem genuine and should be urgently attended to by establishing a judicial commission of inquiry, the South African Communist Party said on Sunday. “No one has […]

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ANC awaits Cosatu’s formal notification on Zuma ban

JOHANNESBURG, May 23 – Following Congress of South African Trade Union’s decision on Tuesday to ban President Jacob Zuma from attending its future activities, the African National Congress (ANC)  has moved swiftly to issue a statement saying that the decision is “noted” by the party. “The ANC has not received any formal communication in this regard, we therefore won’t make […]

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SACP- National Imbizo declaration urges inquiry into state capture, among others

JOHANNESBURG, May 21 ANA, The national imbizo convened by the South African Communist Party in Boksburg in Ekurhuleni this weekend, has adopted a declaration on a “minimum platform of action” anchored on various demands, including the urgent appointment of an independent judicial commission of inquiry into state capture, which was the key remedial action required […]

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SACP imbizo kicks off

JOHANNESBURG, May 19 – Member of the tripartite alliance, the SA Communist Party (SACP), which has been a vocal critic of President Jacob Zuma and has called on him to step down is holding its national imbizo from Friday to discuss the problems facing South Africa. The party said the imbizo would be attended by […]