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‘Apartheid Beneficiary’ Johann Rupert’s comments are disingenuous – ANC

Solly Makganoto Johannesburg, September 14 – The African National Congress (ANC) has lambasted South African billionaire, Johann Rupert for his remarks on Radical Economic Transformation in which he described the ANC program for radical economic transformation as nothing more than a “code name for theft”. “It is these inherited racialised economic relations that have produced […]

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White South Africans, it’s time to return the land

IN THE crying game of privilege, white tears matter. White tears will fall, with great lavish, when land is taken back from us by the rightful owners. Despite marathon opportunity to return stolen land to black South Africans, we have failed. Nor do we, as white South Africans, show any resolve to do so. When justice finally collapses our entitlement and privilege in South Africa, I […]