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From Boko Haram to Islamic State, sex slavery and trafficking fund extremism – report

Johannesburg, October 9 – Offering kidnapped women and girls to jihadist fighters as sex slaves or wives helps militant groups lure and retain members, while sex trafficking can bankroll their extremist operations, a UK-based think-tank said on Monday. Groups such as Boko Haram in Nigeria and Islamic State in Syria and Iraq may resort more […]

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Kenyan intelligence warns of terrorism threats

JOHANNESBURG, September 20 – Kenya’s National Intelligence Service (NIS) has warned of terrorism threats facing the East African country from Al Shabaab cells in Somalia, and the Islamic State (IS) that operates in Puntland, Libya, Syria and Iraq, Kenya’s Daily Nation reported on Wednesday. In the report, presented during the induction of MPs Wednesday, NIS […]

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18 Egyptian policemen killed in IS attack

JOHANNESBURG, September 12 – The Islamic State (IS) in the Sinai Peninsula has carried out one of its deadliest attacks on Egyptian security forces this year after the group ambushed a police convoy in the Sinai Peninsula, killing 18 officers and wounding seven others. The militants detonated roadside bombs, which destroyed and set ablaze four […]

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Islamic State executes 500 and dumps bodies into mass grave – Iraqi officials

JOHANNESBURG, March 13 (ANA) – Iraqi officials in Iraq’s north-western Nineveh Governate have accused the Islamic State (IS) of executing more than 500 Iraqis and dumping their bodies in a mass grave west of Mosul, where coalition forces are battling to rid the city of the militants. Iraq’s pro-government Popular Mobilisation Units (PMU) said in […]