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Is  Zanu-PF’s Mnangagwa anchored campaign registering a failed attempt to remove Mugabe?

The ongoing saga of a Mugabe removal with its many jolts and twists evidences a meandering tale of fumbling on part of Zanu PF war veterans, that still has Mugabe in power. On Thursday November 16, 2017 we were unexpectedly informed that Zimbabwe Defence Force under the leadership of General Constantino Chiwenga has effectively taken […]

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Soothsayers spirited by self-interest predict a collapsed ANC Conference

Literally weeks before the upcoming ANC’s 54th Conference we are hearing former ANC individuals predicting the Conference will collapse. One of the first published opinions casting credibility questions on the conference started with Kgalema Motlanthe former SG and deputy president of the ANC, who told South Africa he will not attend the conference. Motlanthe cites […]

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Kasrils’ desperate street-fight attempt of flaming a waning personal relevance from a Zuma currency!

  – In typical chauvinist mind he reduces NDZ to an extension of Zuma- Another book, another publication, one has long concluded Jacob Zuma is an economy for those who seek both political and economic relevance, some of whom, whose personal careers are long history. It appears these derive a sense of relevance and being […]