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Set Madiba’s legacy straight

Carl Niehaus   “Madiba was a principled realist and pragmatist – but he was never a sell-out… “The racist regime was badly weakened by the heroic onslaught of the people against them, but the enemy was not defeated. If they were defeated we would not have had to negotiate with them.”   Two political trends […]

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Uber SA wants to meet police minister over violent turf war with metered taxis

JOHANNESBURG, July 17 – Uber South Africa said on Monday that it had requested an urgent meeting with the ministers of police and transport to address the ongoing war between its partner drivers and the traditional metered taxi industry, especially in Gauteng. This comes after an Uber partner driver, Lindelani Mashau, died on Monday after suffering serious burn […]

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Nzimande questions SA as functioning state while Cronin retires

JOHANNESBURG, July 11 (ANA) – SA Communist Party (SACP) secretary general Blade Nzimande on Tuesday questioned whether South Africa was a functioning state. “The question is, do we have a state? What is to be done?” he asked. Delegates replied with “contest elections.” Nzimande downplayed their response, adding that commission discussions were yet to start. In […]