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Whatsapp anticlimax

Ogopoleng Mushi Just when we are all happy and excited about Whatsapp’s new looks and features, it just decided to hurt our feeling on the spot. Not sure about you but my mind was already flowing with ideas of inventing a “reverse update” technology.   Before we start addressing the inconveniences it created, can we […]

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WATCH: The privilege and ignorance you’ve been overlooking

Ogopoleng Mushi Watch This 🎬#UCTShutdown #FeesMustFall2017 #UFSShutDown pic.twitter.com/wgWWTybf62 — Muzie Buthelezi (@_MuzieB) November 2, 2017   They say a picture paints a thousand words, but I bet a video paints millions. Allow me to talk a little about the recent demonstrations that have been happening in the country, we could even start from 1976 or […]