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Competition Commission approves Tharisa Minerals acquisition of MMC Contracts

JOHANNESBURG, July 6 –  Tharisa Minerals announced on Thursday that the Competition Commission had approved its acquisition of MCC Contracts. Last month, Tharisa Minerals entered into a R303.3 million deal to purchase a portion of the mining fleet and transfer employees from its mining contractor in a bid to transition to an owner mining model. MCC Contracts […]

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Saftu says ANC Policy Conference failed to resolve ‘major issues’

JOHANNESBURG, July 6  – The South African Federation of Trade Unions (Saftu) on Thursday said the just ended African National Congress (ANC) Policy Conference “failed abysmally to resolve, or even seriously debate, the major issues” facing the country. In a scathing statement, Saftu said the policy conference “confirmed beyond any doubt” the union federation’s view […]

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Kenya cracks down on media ahead of elections

JOHANNESBURG, July 6 – Kenyan media and the international, Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), have expressed concern authorities are using the argument of preventing inflammatory hate speech to crack down on freedom of speech ahead of the forthcoming elections. The CPJ warned in a Wednesday press release that new social media guidelines outlined by Nairobi […]

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Eskom board confident of turnaround

JOHANNESBURG, July 6 – Eskom’s newly-reconstituted board on Thursday expressed its support on the strides made by executive management in turning around the company’s operational and financial performance, as well as the overall strategy of sustaining this momentum. This comes after a two-day board induction session led by interim chairperson Zethembe Khoza in which Eskom’s key […]