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Magalies Water attends to water quality complaints in Rustenburg

RUSTENBURG, August 27 – Magalies Water is attending to the water quality complaint in Rustenburg, the bulk water supplier said on Tuesday.

Spokesperson Mpho Mholo said there was a complaint regarding the taste, colour and smell of water around Sunrise, Boitekong Ext 2, Ext 3 and Ext 4, Seraleng, Sondela, Million Dollar and Meriting Ext.

The reported colour and smell issues were noted from the Townlands and Bospoort reservoirs.

She said due to the ongoing drought and low dam levels the raw water quality has deteriorated to such an extent that the conventional treatment process cannot cope at high flow rates.

“The increase in both turbidity and colour was due to the low dam levels the poor raw water quality. The situation seems to be exacerbated due to the dam inversion which results in elevated levels of iron and manganese.”

She said production team at Vaalkop Water Treatment Plan (WTP) has started with remedial actions to optimize the chemical dosages to minimise taste and colour compounds and plant flows would be reduced until the water quality has improved.

“Magalies Water will continue to monitor water production to ensure quality water is supplied to meet the needs of stakeholders effectively and efficiently. The plant flow rates have been reduced until the water quality is within controllable parameters,” she said.

“All consumers supplied by Vaalkop water treatment works may experience low pressures and/or water supply interruptions. Rationing of water supply is advised to minimise the impact on consumers while building capacity in the water storage reservoirs.”

-African News Agency (ANA)

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