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Kenny Kunene introduces a safer ride service that doesn’t hurt your pocket

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JOHANNESBURG – Businessman and owner of Kusema Media Group, publishers of Africa News 24-7, has taken over Smart mobility Technology Company YooKoo, the company announced this morning.

YooKoo Ride- branded sedands

In a statement, YooKoo which entered the taxi e-hailing market in 2017, said Kunene, who is a shareholder, has been brought on board as part of the company’s turnaround strategy.

As part of this strategy, YooKoo has reinvented itself with the introduction of new shareholders, new management and new features that are exclusive to its App.

“One of the new shareholders of the company which is 100% black-owned South African company is businessman Kenny Kunene who has been appointed board chairman and company’s managing director,” the company said.

The company added that YooKoo App has unique features, culture and technical excellence that are on par and in some cases exceed current market players. YooKoo (Pty) Ltd (YooKool) operates from its base in Johannesburg.

YooKoo Ride- branded sedands

The company further said that the rideshare software application which is available on mobile devices, which serves as the link between drivers and passengers, enables drivers and passengers to connect for efficient delivery if services and safety and compete in an ultra-competitive and growing market.

“It’s the first South African Company that will not only compete with big global market players in the industry, but also introduces new technological innovations. With most South Africans battling to cope with the high cost of living, and with many spending a huge chunk of their income on transport, Yookoo is up to 40% cheaper than any app-based ride service in South Africa”, the company said.

According to the company, safety of riders in South Africa is a big concern considering a high number of horrible crimes being committed against rider in the past, as a result YooKoo is introducing a panic button, also called YooKoo smart security app that enables riders to press the panic button on their app which automatically sends a signal to YooKoo’s control room, after then receiving the alert, the control room dispatches security personnel to the rider’s location using live GPS. YooKoo’s control room also alerts the police.

“Another feature that is exclusive to YooKoo is the convenient payment system called YooKoo Wallet which enables riders to preload funds into their YooKoo app account, riders can use this facility to pay for their ride and also send money to another Yookoo user,”

The company added that this facility makes YooKoo the only player in the market to offer clients three payment options including bank card and cash. Riders can download the application from PlayStore or app store.

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