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Zizi Kodwa denies rape allegations

Solly Makganoto

JOHANNESBURG – Acting ANC spokesperson Zizi Kodwa has denied the rape accusation, describing the claim as a “dirty tricks campaign”.

This is after ANC deputy secretary Jessie Duarte confirmed to journalists during a media briefing that the woman wrote a letter to her detailing the complaint.

”The advice we gave her was that she approach law enforcement authorities. This is something that, to our understanding, happened in a private party setting. Of course, that’s the allegation. This is different from when there is difficulty between staff and membership. Therefore the ANC cannot do anything about it in terms of in finding relevant facts, investigating it properly, that’s the work of the criminal justice system,” Duarte said.

“Today, after days [of] what appears to be the height of a dirty tricks campaign, I wish to expose its details,” Kodwa said.

Statement by Zizi Kodwa

“On February 14, 2019 I was alerted by the Secretary General of the ANC that he had received a letter from a woman claiming [what] I view as the most grotesque attack on me and my reputation.

“In a letter replete with false accusations, I am accused of rape, sexual assault and even drugging two women.

“At the outset, I deny these accusations with the contempt they deserve.”

Kodwa said he refuses to “succumb to extortion and blackmail” and would not be silenced through “dirty tricks”.

“Most importantly, I refuse to bow down to dirty tricks by cowards operating from their factional dark corners, using women to fight or neutralise me.

“Most tragically, I detest the use of such serious societal maladies like rape, sexual harassment and women abuse to simply achieve narrow factional and political ends. It is an insult to the women of this country and a fight against women abuse.”

He further described the accusation as “orchestrated by elements wishing to turn our politics into a jungle, a place for apartheid-like dirty tricks to silence others”.

Kodwa said he was currently seeking legal advice with a view to a possible case of extortion or defamation or any other legal remedy available to him.

“I will not rest until I find out the identities of those behind these dirty tricks they obviously learned from their apartheid masters and handlers.”

The ANC Women’s League said if there’s a rape case against the Kodwa, the party should consider suspending him, pending the outcome of the matter.

Read the letter from the alleged raped victim to Zizi Kodwa below:



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