Dr Iqbal Survé, founder and chairman of Sekunjalo Group. PHOTO: ANA

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Sekunjalo’s Dr Survé welcomes DA calls to appear before PIC inquiry

CAPE TOWN, February 12 – Sekunjalo Investment Holdings and Independent Media chairperson Dr Iqbal Survé has welcomed the DA’s call for him to appear before the Public Investment Corporation (PIC) Commission of Inquiry.

DA MP Alf Lees on Monday said it had written to the Lex Mpati Commission of Inquiry to request that they confirm whether Survé will appear before the commission to explain allegations that have emerged in recent weeks.

In a statement later on Monday, Dr Survé said he would co-operate fully with the Commission in any way he can and to the best of his ability, including providing testimony at the hearing if required.

“I will avail myself if I am required to do so. My only request to the Commission, should they invite me to present evidence, is that they ensure that I am given timeous notice, due to my international diary, sufficient time to prepare, and adequate time to set the record straight at the Commission.”

He said that Sekunjalo and its investee companies “have nothing to hide”.
According to the statement, the Sekunjalo Group, Dr Survé and AYO Technology Solutions have been on record publicly for the last few weeks
indicating that they welcomed the Commission, they support it fully and have asked the media to give the Commission time to do its work unhindered and uninfluenced.

Despite this, the Tiso Blackstar media group, in particular the Sunday Times and Business Day, ENCA and other detractors of Independent Media and Dr Survé, have desperately tried to influence the Commission in order to defame Dr Survé, Sekunjalo and investee companies such as AYO.

“Dr Survé is appalled at this abuse of the Commission’s process, which was set up by President Cyril Ramaphosa to look into the framework and structure of the PIC.

“At no stage in the President’s terms of reference is there any mention of AYO or any other Sekunjalo investee company,” the statement added. “Sekunjalo and its investee companies, have the highest levels of governance. The only issue is that we are one of the most successful black corporates and are paying the price for competing against established interests.

“The Commission will provide a good opportunity to articulate what the group does, to demystify it, set the record straight and present the truth on an open platform, which our detractors have denied us to date.”

The statement continued: “This can only vindicate Sekunjalo and clear the way for our investee companies, including AYO, to continue to do
what it promised in its pre-listing statement, which is to create shareholder value, including for the PIC.”

The PIC’s R 4.3 billion investment into AYO has come under the spotlight in recent weeks. (ANA)

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