Cape Town 18102018-The four Accused in the Hanah Cornelius murder case Vernon Witbooi, Geraldo Parsons, Eben van Niekerk and Nashville Julies made an appearance in the Cape Town High Court today Picture Noor Slamdien/African News Agency/ANA

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Life sentences for men who raped and murdered Stellenbosch student Hannah Cornelius

CAPE TOWN, November 13 – The three men who kidnapped, raped and murdered student Hannah Cornelius and severely injured her friend, Cheslin Marsh, in Stellenbosch last year were handed life sentences by the Western Cape High Court on Monday.

Vernon Witbooi, Geraldo Parsons and Eben van Niekerk were convicted last week of robbery, kidnapping, rape and murder. A fourth man, Nashville Julius, was found guilty of robbery and kidnapping and was sentenced to 22 years direct imprisonment. He fled the scene after the gang of men had accosted and robbed Cornelius and Marsh.

The public gallery cheered and shouted in delight as Judge Rosheni Allie handed down the sentences.

Marsh and Cornelius were attacked by the four men at about 3am on May 27, 2017, while they were chatting in her car after a night out with friends.

They were threatened with a knife and a screwdriver before they were robbed and taken to an open veld where Marsh was bludgeoned with bricks and left for dead. He survived the attack, although he suffered severe injuries including to his head and has been left deaf in one ear.

The suspects then drove off with Cornelius and took her to a secluded spot where they took turns raping her. They then drove her to a wine farm where they stabbed her to death.

Witbooi and Parsons were both sentenced to life imprisonment for raping and murdering Cornelius; 25 years each for the attempted murder of Marsh; 15 years for four counts of robbery which included other separate victims who were robbed by the accused; and a further 10 years for kidnapping Marsh, Cornelius and Mimi October who was robbed and kidnapped on the same morning of the incident.

Co-accused Van Niekerk was sentenced to life behind bars for rape and murder of Cornelius; 20 years direct imprisonment for the attempted murder of Marsh; 20 years each on four counts of robbery; 10 years each for kidnapping Cornelius and Marsh; and a further eight years for kidnapping October.

Julius was sentenced to 15 years direct imprisonment on two counts of robbery; and a further seven years on two counts of kidnapping.

The sentences will run concurrently.

Marsh who survived the attack welcomed the sentencing saying that he was happy that justice has been served.

“I feel relieved, I feel awesome, I can’t describe how I feel, I feel like the Lord did his part. Justice has been served on a full platter. The sentences made me feel relieved because I’m glad and it feels like a mountain that I have climbed over. I wanna thank everyone that participated in caching the guys until the sentencing and support and all,” he said. (ANA)

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