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AmaZulu 6-point docking comes into play, now stone last and left with 1 point

JOHANNESBURG, September 28 – The Premier Soccer League Executive Committee on Friday announced that Premier Division outfit AmaZulu FC have been docked six log points.

In Friday’s statement, the PSL said that they met with AmaZulu on Thursday to discuss the implications of the ruling from the FIFA Disciplinary Committee who had handed down a decision on 10 August.

The PSL statement outlined the FIFA DC ruling:

Ordered AmaZulu to pay a fine of CHF 10,000. That sum was to be paid within 30 days of notification of the decision to a named FIFA account.

Granted AmaZulu a final deadline of 30 days to as from notification (i.e. as from 16 August 2018) to make payment of the sum contemplated in a CAS award referred to in the decision and proof of payment was to be provided to the South African Football Association.

Ordered that if payment was not made in accordance with (2. Above) then six (6) points would automatically be deducted without any further formal decision.

Indicated that if after the deduction of these points, payment was still not made, the FIFA Disciplinary Committee would decide, upon the request of the Creditor, on a possible relegation of AmaZulu’s first team to the next lower division.’

As a result of the points (6 points) deduction AmaZulu will drop from a 10th position to the last position (16th place).

On the revised Absa Premiership log standings, AmaZulu now have one (1) point. (ANA)

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