Emergency vehicles could be seen outside the gates of Parliament on Friday where a staff member reportedly shot and killed himself. PHOTO: ANA

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Parliamentary staff traumatised after colleague shoots himself at legislature

CAPE TOWN, September 14 – Parliament’s workers were left traumatised on Friday after one of their colleagues committed suicide at work, the national legislature’s spokesman Moloto Mathapo said.

“What happened this morning is not something desirable, it is a life of one of staff members that is involved here, and the whole institution is highly traumatised. The close colleagues as well as the rest of the staff members of the institution are affected a lot by this,” he said during his media address outside the building in Plein street where the incident occurred.

He said it was a matter that the presiding officers would have to address with the South African Police Service as they were investigating to ensure that something of this nature does not recur.

“The matter just happened, we all in a state of trauma by what just happened. It is really something that has never happened before and it is something that will have to be thoroughly investigated, so that the facts can be established and there can be a way forward on how do we avoid something of this nature to recur. And the safety and security of staff members and those that visit Parliament as you know that it is a public institution and also to ensure that our staff members do not unnecessarily lose their lives,” said Mothapo.

He added that there they have arranged trauma counselling to assist affected staff members and colleagues.

“We have got a wellness department in Parliament that is immediately seized with the matter, psychologists and medical assistance that normally kicks in for such kinds of events,” he said.

A Parliamentary staff member killed himself in a reported suicide in the parliamentary precinct in Cape Town.

Emergency services and police officials arrived outside parliament shortly after noon following reports of a shooting inside one of the offices.

Police officials could be seen monitoring the scene at the entrance of Parliament in Plein Street.

Onlookers, including parliamentary staff, had gathered outside.

Exact details of the incident were not immediately known.


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