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Kenyan World Youth Championships funds stolen

JOHANNESBURG, August 22 – Half of the money that the Kenyan government pumped into the IAAF Under-18 World Youth Championships in Nairobi last year was stolen in yet another plunder of public funds, the Daily Nation reported on Wednesday. The allegations have been made by Auditor General Edwarad Ouko.

The loss of Sh1.7 billion (over R242 million) out of an allocation of Sh3.5 billion comes close to the theft of Sh9 billion (over R1.2 billion) from the National Youth Service (NYS) over the past two years.

The money stolen from the NYS was for payments for supplying air while the IAAF fund theft was made through single-sourcing, undelivered supplies, and lack of documentation.

Ouko’s revelations bring together two of Kenya’s highest profile scandals involving the hosting of sports events in the country.

The first was 40 years ago, when a dubious marketer named Dick Berg conned organisers of the All Africa Games in 1987 for more than Sh60 million. (ANA)

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