North West Premier Job Mokgoro addresses public servants in Bojanala district in Rustenburg. PHOTO: ANA

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The “donkey” must be fit to pull, public servants told North West premier

RUSTENBURG, August 1 – North West Premier Job Mokgoro must go to the grassroots to witness the conditions public servants are exposed to at their workplace, they said on Wednesday.

“We are injured premier, we are unfit physically, we are unfit psychologically,” said Selina Segalo, employed at the department of social development.

She told Mokgoro that she grew up on a farm and was taught that before a donkey was put before a cart, it should be well fed and it should not be sick.

“I am working at the department of social development, that department is not functional…we  have a responsibility to take care of the people but, we are hazard, we are unfit.”

She called on Mokgoro to ensured that the “donkey” was well fed before it was put before the cart to pull it.

Another speaker, from the Bojanala Platinum District Municipality asked Mokgoro to visit their workplace to see the harsh working conditions they were exposed.

In his address to public servants, Mokgoro asked them to do their best to deliver services to communities, and work hard for the administration national government out on the province to be lifted.

Mokgoro was in Bojanala district of the province to addressed public  on issues of good governance and the significance of putting people first. (ANA)

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