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NUM to consult members on Eskom’s latest wage offer

JOHANNESBURG, June 29 – The National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) also said on Thursday, that it would be taking Eskom’s revised wage offer to its members to get a mandate as to whether they are accepting or rejecting it.

Eskom on Thursday made a revised three-year wage offer of 6.2 percent for 2018 as wage negotiations between the struggling power utility and workers unions continued for the second day of the third round.

The power utility is also offering six percent for the second and third years. According to the offer, if consumer price index (CPI) is greater, the increase will be based on inflation but it will not be less than six percent.

Three trade unions including the NUM rejected Eskom’s five percent wage offer on Wednesday, saying it was not an offer they could take back to their members for consideration as they remained steadfast on their wage demand of a nine percent increase.

Paris Mashego, NUM energy sector coordinator, said that Eskom was negotiating in bad faith and had given the workers a “take it or leave it” final offer.

“On bonuses, Eskom said they are waiting for the audited report to announce a decision. Eskom proposed a three-year take it or leave it salary increase. This offer is a “take it or leave it” from Eskom,” Mashego said.

“They further said that if we do not accept this offer, Eskom will revert back to 4.7 percent. We view this type of negotiating as negotiating in bad faith. Eskom suspended their ability to be reasonable. They do not care about the welfare of our members.”

The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (Numsa) also said it will consult its members about the offer. The unions will be reporting back to the plenary next week Friday the mandate from its members after three weeks of negotiations. ANA

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