A truck was set alight on the N7 highway. Picture: Supplied by the City of Cape Town.

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Protesters block key highways in Cape Town with burning tyres

CAPE TOWN, June 13  – Protest action was recorded on key highways in and around Cape Town again on Tuesday night, with a truck being set alight and roads being blockaded with burning tyres, authorities have confirmed.

The City of Cape Town said that protesters set alight tyres on the R300 highway which runs off the N2.

Authorities responded to reports of protests on the R300 between the N2 and the Hindle Road turn-off and on arrival found two of the northbound lanes obstructed. The protesters had meanwhile disappeared.

On the N7 highway, protesters had set tyres alight in both directions and the N7 was closed between Plattekloof Road and Potsdam Road.

A truck was also set alight on the N7 south between Potsdam and Plattekloof, the City said.


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