RESCUERS retrieve bodies from the ill-fated FlySax plane which crashed at the Aberdare ranges on Tuesday afternoon. FILE PHOTO: twitter

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Family and friends to identify Kenyan plane crash victims

JOHANNESBURG, June 8 – Families and friends of the dead passengers of Kenya’s FlySax plane, whose wreckage was found on Thursday in Aberdare Forest after it went missing earlier in the week, are expected to identify the bodies in Nairobi on Friday.

The remains of the eight passengers and two crew members were pulled out of the wreck on Thursday afternoon; some severely mutilated and others decapitated which might make DNA testing necessary to identify them, the Daily Nation reported.

The injuries were so extensive that even identifying the gender of some of the victims was impossible, while others had missing limbs and some had been disembowelled.

The bodies were transported from Njambini in Nyandarua county to Nairobi by road on Thursday.

The Nairobi-bound Cessna C208 FlySAX from Kitale, flying at 11,000 feet, plunged at Elephant Point in Aberdare Forest on Tuesday evening.

The plane broke into pieces after its nose appeared to have hit rocks of a 500-foot-tall cliff on the ranges causing it to hurtle towards the ground.

Three hundred volunteers from the local community supported a multi-agency rescue team which took over two days to access the scene of the crash due to the rough terrain and bad weather.

If any of the passengers had survived the crash they would likely have died from the freezing weather as they lay trapped inside the wreckage for almost two days.

– African News Agency (ANA)

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