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#BREAKING – Wreckage of missing Kenyan plane located

JOHANNESBURG, June 7 – A Kenyan plane with 10 passengers on board that went missing on Tuesday night has been located following an intensive search and rescue operation carried out by Kenyan authorities.

The wreckage of thee FlySax plane was located in the Aberdare National Park, north of the capital Nairobi, on Thursday morning, the Daily Nation reported.

Despite bad weather hindering the search on Wednesday, aerial search teams sighted the wreck on the peak of the ranges the following day, according to Nyandarua County Commissioner Boaz Cherutich.

“It’s a major breakthrough. Our search team did not go to bed, it’s now a matter of landing to do the rescue,” he said.

“The rescue team has strategised on how to land and conclude the job.”

On Thursday morning rescue efforts were stepped up with seven helicopters on standby.

Two aerial cranes (heavy helicopters) from Kenya Defence Forces and Kenya Police are set to lead rescue efforts once the cloudy and misty weather clears.

The giant helicopters will guide five lighter choppers that will be used to lift passengers and crew, whose condition is yet to be determined.


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