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Palestinians praise South Africa for solidarity in recalling ambassador from Israel

OHANNESBURG, MAY 15 (ANA) – The Palestinians have praised the position of the government of South Africa, which withdrew its ambassador to Israel after the bloody carnage in Gaza on Monday, South Africa’s Council of International Relations said on Tuesday.

Sixty Palestinians were killed, including 7 children and more than 2,400 injured by Israeli soldiers near the Gaza border during peaceful protests against the US Embassy move to Jerusalem and the ongoing blockade of Gaza, as well as demanding the right of return on the 70th anniversary of the Nakba

The council said in a statement issued on Tuesday that this position was an important step amid the global inaction toward the successive crimes of occupation against the Palestinian people.

The council also thanked the South African government and people for their solidarity with the Palestinian people.

“We have not been surprised by this courageous stance of a country that has suffered from the oppression and injustice that our people have suffered for 70 years,” the council said.

The council called on the world, especially the Arab states, to take bolder positions to stand up to these crimes committed by the occupation against peaceful demonstrators on the Gaza border.

Pro-Palestinian supporters in Cape Town have likened modern-day Israel to South Africa in the Apartheid state, saying it was “heartbreaking” to still see people treated like that.

Thousands of people were expected to march from Keizersgracht Street to Parliament in Cape Town in support of Palestine, this after Israel opened fire on Palestinians protesters on the Israel-Gaza border on Monday, leaving at least 60 dead and over 2,200 wounded. The protesters had gathered in their tens of thousands to denounce the move by the US to move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

On Tuesday, a number of people had gathered early outside the gates of Parliament awaiting the arrival of the main march, with almost all donning Palestinian scarves, t-shirts and other gear in support of Palestine.

A pensioner said she came all the way from Kensington to support the protest.

Shereen Marley from Salt river said: “The people don’t understand, it’s like in the apartheid era and I don’t know why these people must be treated like that and it is pathetic to see that not a lot of people are attending. This is heartbreaking. How many have been killed?

“It’s exactly like what happened in the apartheid era and we don’t stand together and show them we are not happy with what’s going on.”

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