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Al Jama ah and ANC wish Muslims a ‘successful and prosperous’ Ramadan

JOHANNESBURG, May 15 (ANA) – Al Jama ah and the African National Congress (ANC) caucus in the City of Johannesburg on Tuesday said they “wish to convey their well wishes” to all Muslims who would be observing the month of daily fasting during Ramadan.

Every year, Muslims across the globe observe a month of fasting during Ramadan.

Ramadan is the month in which the Qur’an was revealed to the prophet Muhammad and so is regarded as a time filled with blessings when worshippers focus their minds and bodies on spirituality.

“We strongly condemn the burning of the mosque and the killings which recently took place in KwaZulu-Natal. We hope that all Muslims across the world will attain peace and harmony during the month of Ramadan,” said a joint statement issued by the African National Congress in the City of Johannesburg and Al Jama ah.

“As you fast and offer prayers to Allah, may you find your peace and happiness. We, as Al Jama ah and the ANC wish all Muslims a peaceful and happy Ramadan.”

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