Emmerson Mnangangwa and his wife Auxiliary Mnangagwa. File Picture

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Zimbabwe’s first lady Auxiliary Mnangagwa bids farewell to PAP

MIDRAND, May (ANA) – Zimbabwe’s first lady Auxiliary Mnangagwa farewell PAP on Monday said she was leaving the Pan African Parliament (PAP) with “a heavy heart” but was moving forward to be a full legislative member of Zimbabwe’s new parliament.

“I leave PAP with a heavy heart but having gained much experience. The organisation has helped to mould into the person I am today,” she said.

She added that her experience with PAP had taught her to follow at times and to lead at other times. She will be leading a new constituency of 16 million people and spearhead several new initiatives in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe’s first lady added that she pledged full support for the PAP parliament as outlined in Agenda 2063.

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