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ACDP commends DJ Black Coffee on Israel performance

JOHANNESBURG, April 5  – The African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) on Thursday commended Nkosinathi Maphumulo, popularly known as DJ Black Coffee, “for standing by his convictions and for exercising his constitutional right to freedom of movement”.

The ACDP was responding to criticism of DJ Black Coffee for performing in Israel after the ruling African National Congress called for a cultural boycott of that country.

In a statement, the party said it wanted to encourage the artist to ignore his critics.

“It is hypocritical for the haters of Israel to say they wish to express their disappointment at the State of Israel’s lack of commitment towards a peaceful resolution,” the statement said.

“They never condemn Arab countries that sometimes threaten to wipe Israel from the face of the earth.”

The ACDP added that DJ Black Coffee had not betrayed anybody by performing in Israel, and that it was his right as a musician to perform anywhere he wanted to.

“He has also not “undermined the cause of the emancipation of the people of Palestine” as said by Lindiwe Zulu on behalf of the African National Congress,” ACDP leader, Reverend Kenneth Meshoe said.

Meshoe said if DJ Black Coffee performed in Israel in future, he planned to accompany him.

“I encourage those who have never been to Israel to go and see for themselves that there is no apartheid in Israel. Do not be deceived or intimidated by those who hate Israel and wish to rob you of your constitutionally entrenched rights to freedom of movement, trade and association.”


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