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IN MEMES: Twitter responds to Musa Mseleku’s desicion to have fifth wife

Just when most UthandoNesthembu fans thought that unity was starting to prevail in the Mseleku’s family …….BOOM, Musa dropped a bomb shell to his four wives, when he organised a meeting to inform them that he wants to have another wife.  A decision that did not sit well with the wives.

Mseleku first went to MaCele and MaKhumalo’s work place to inform them about his decision, however his attempts backfired badly as MaCele asked him why he doesn’t involve all his wives in the meeting. That’s when he decided to call all four of them.

During the meeting MaYeni took it upon herself to question Musa if he is not happy or satisfied with the four of them…..that’s when Mseleku explained that he wants to expand his family to fill the void left by one of his wife who has since passed on.

It is still early to predict how Musa’s wives will react to his decision, but judging by their expressions upon hearing the news, more drama is bound to unfold in the Mseleku’s already big family.

Fans on Twitter did not waste time expressing their shock, with some feeling sorry for the wives!!




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