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Zambian government crackdown on sex toys sparks debate

JOHANNESBURG, March 12 – The Zambian government’s crackdown on sex dolls has made media headlines and provoked social media debate as offenders face heavy jail terms over the dolls which Lusaka describes as “very unnatural”.

The brouhaha has made news headlines nationally, regionally and internationally and become a hot topic of discussion with opinion divided in the largely conservative southern African country.

“Being a Christian nation, obviously we are anchored in Christian principles and one of the values is morality and ethics,” Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs Godfridah Sumaili told AFP.

Sumaili warned that selling or using a sex doll was against Zambian law, before vowing to ensure they are not bought on the internet and imported.

“The use of sex dolls is definitely in contradiction to our natural heritage and our principles,” Sumaili added.

“The law actually forbids anybody to trade (in) and to use such objects – and so this is why we are saying for Zambians that this is a very unnatural thing.”

Police are investigating reports of the sex dolls being imported into Zambia, apparently from Asia.


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