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Dog fighters found guilty in Gauteng court – NSPCA

NIGEL, February 10 – Seventeen men found guilty of being involved in dog fighting in Gauteng will be sentenced on April 18, the national council of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NSPCA) said.

The NSPCA welcomed the judgment handed down in the Nigel Regional Court this week finding 17 men guilty for their involvement in dog fighting – a highly illegal and deviant criminal activity.

In November 2013, the NSPCA responded to information about an organised dog fight being held in Tsakane, Ekhuruleni, Gauteng, which resulted in the arrest of 18 suspects and the rescue of 14 badly injured dogs, NSPCA senior Inspector and special investigations unit manager Wendy Willson said.

“During judgment, the presiding magistrate pointed out gaping holes in the accused’s arguments and version of events in contrast to the state witnesses that were ‘logical, clear, concise, honest, and responsible’, and stated that he considered dog fighting to be a very sick form of entertainment.

“We are thankful and appreciative that these criminals have been found guilty for their participation in this heinous crime. It has been a trying four years filled with numerous challenges to get this case finalised but we did not, and would never, relent until justice was served for these dogs.

Sentencing was scheduled for April 18 and the NSPCA looked forward to a strong finale in this landmark case, Willson said.

– African News Agency (ANA)

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