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Xitsonga magazine set to launch soon

JOHANNESBURG – Shangazine, an online/blog magazine aimed at celebrating the Xitsonga culture and providing news in their language is set to launch soon.

“It is a fresh and brand new lifestyle magazine that aims to celebrate Xitsonga as a world-class culture. This online title gathers inspiration from Xitsonga people and spreads it across the globe in an attempt to promote the tribe’s contemporary and traditional way of living,” said creator Hlulani Masingi.

The name was derived from the words “Shangaan and magazine”.

Masingi said the magazine will help reclaim and give new meaning to the word “Shangaan”, which in the past made Xitsonga people “feel as if their existence in South Africa was unworthy”.

Xitsonga speaking people still feel they lack representation in the media.
“This has caused some people of this tribe to completely alter who they are instead of celebrating their national identities as South Africans,” said Masingi.

“Therefore, Shangazine aims to encourage Xitsonga people to be bold in celebrating their everyday way of living, which includes the colourful regalia, music, language and culture with the rest of the world without any fear.”

Non-Xitsonga speakers will be able to learn about Xitsonga culture from the magazine, while also tapping into universal and modern lifestyle trends such as beauty, fashion, health, entertainment and travel.


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