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SA citizens’ forum demands CT govt be removed due to water crisis

CAPE TOWN, January 24 – The SA First Forum, a South African citizens’ protest group, has called for City of Cape Town authorities to be removed and says Western Cape provincial government has failed to manage the city’s water shortage effectively.

Cape Town has ramped up water restrictions which come into effect from 1 February. Residents will be allowed to use 50 litres per person per day –about two-and-a half standard buckets — down from the current 87 litres allowed.

This, as the city continues to struggle with a three-year-long drought due to a lack of rains that traditionally filled catchment areas.

“We demand that there be accountability and consequences for this monumental mismanagement of the water situation in Cape Town,” the group said in a statement issued late Tuesday.

“We feel that a credible and competent group of people be appointed as the “Administrator” to diligently take charge and find a solution to the problem that has been coming on for a long while,” it said.

The #SA1st Forum also called for a civil society-led Water Summit to be held where solutions to the water crisis can be considered. “Out of the box thinking is required to ensure there is a credible plan to the water crisis that all sectors of society can buy into,” the forum said.

– African News Agency (ANA),

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