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Trump under fire for blaming AIDS on Nigerians

Johannesburg, December 28  – United States President, Donald Trump, has come under criticism for alleging Nigerians were to blame for the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in his country.

The controversial politician who came to power in 2016 has been quoted as saying 40 000 Nigerian nationals, alongside an almost equal number of Haitians had come to the US and spread the ailment.

Francis John, Hope for Africa executive director, demanded that Trump provided verifiable facts and figures to back his statement.

“Otherwise, it may be correct to diffuse his statements as follows…did he rush and sleep with a Nigerian woman and contracted AIDS to prove 40 000 had come from Nigeria with AIDS?” John questioned.

The human rights advocate was speaking with CAJ News from Kansas City, Missouri in the US. More than 1 million people in the US are living with HIV.

John pointed out it was not the first time Trump has stereotyped Nigerians and Africans.

In 2015, he was quoted as basting Africans as “very lazy and good at sex and theft.”

“Whatever comes out of his lips regarding blacks and Nigerians will be intercepted proactively, with immediate response, until otherwise President Trump lets go of Nigerians,” John said.

John criticised the silence by the Nigerian embassies overseas each time such utterances were made.

“Once beaten twice shy. It is time Nigerians overseas to join forces, identify ourselves, collectively reinvent our unity, imbibe speaking up to any uncategorical proclamations because no embassy will speak for us,” he urged.

The White House has denied Trump made the statements about Nigerians and AIDS.

– CAJ News

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