Bojanala regional leadership elected on September 24. From left: Treasuere Sheila Mabale-Huma, deputy chairperson Sipho Vava, chairperson Lekgotla Mataboge , secretary Lucky Madiba and deputy secretary Kabelo Nchabele. Disgruntled members want the North West High Court to set aside their election. Photo: ANA

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ANC to know on Friday if Bojanala region remains or disband

MMABATHO, December 14 – The North West High Court on Wednesday reserved judgment in a  a review application motion to declared the ANC Bojanala regional conference illegal.
The African National Congress (ANC) in North West will know on the eve of the national elective conference on Friday whether the embattled Bojanala region will be disbanded or not.
Judge President Monica Leeuw reserved judgment.
It took parties involved in the application six hours to concluded their presentation, after the marathon presentation Leeuw said the court need time to assess the parties presentation before delivery judgement.
Former Bojanala regional secretary Tokyo Mataboge and 39 others approached the  court seeking an order to set aside the branch general meeting of 40 branches and nullify the Bojanala regional conference of September 24, 2017.
They alleged that at least 40 branches were not constitutionally launched, further more over 70 signatures were forged.
The ANC North West provincial executive committee (PEC) and the ANC National Executive Committee (NEC) wanted the court to dismiss the review application.
Tembeka Ngcukaitobi for the ANC PEC and NEC argued that the irregularities at branches do not affect the regional conference.
“The conference is attended by many branches which do not have irregularity,  an irregularity at a certain branch must not affect the entire conference, ” advocate Tembeka Ngcukaitobi told the court.
Ngcukaitobi said the irregularities could affect the regional conference was when a member from the affected branch was elected into the regional conference.
“There are 30 members in the regional executive committee, only four are from the affected branches,” he said.
He said the applicant did not exhaust all internal remedies of the ANC to resolved the dispute.
He argued that the matter was prematurely brought to court as the provincial executive committee of the ANC in North West was dealing with the dispute.
“In terms of the branch guidelines, a dispute is referred to the dispute committee seven days after the branch meeting, must be signed by one-third of people who attended the meeting…”
He said the applicants in the Bojanala case did not followed the procedure.
Terry Motau, for the applicants, maintained that they lodged the dispute with the ANC national and provincial office in December 2016, and eight months later nothing was done to resolve their dispute, instead organisational processes were unfolding including branch general meetings that led to the regional conference.
“The ANC did not do what it was supposed do over a period. There is no genuine attempt to resolve the dispute,” he said, adding that the organisation failed to discipline a member they alleged he worked with opposition parties as stipulated in the organisation rules and regulations.
He said there was no evidence that the disgruntled members were invited to or notified about branch meetings, amounting to exclusion.
He disputed the respondents argument that irregularities at branch level do not affect the regional conference, describing it as “the fruit of a poisoned tree”.
“The order will prevent delegates who were not properly elected to attend the national conference,” he concluded.
William Mukhari, for the Bojanala Regional Executive Committee (REC), said only the PEC could dissolve or suspend the REC, and a 48 hours notice was required in term of the ANC constitution.
He pleaded with the court not to grant the order to disband the REC, as irregularities did not occur at the regional conference.
The new leadership of the Bojanala region was elected unopposed on September 24, following high court battles.
The conference was interdicted on August 11, but the interdict was rescinded on September 15, disgruntled branches launched yet another court application on September 16, stopping the conference.
The matter was struck off the urgent court roll and set down to be heard on September 22 and the regional conference was held two days later.
The Single Whip of the Rustenburg local municipality Lekgotla Mataboge was elected the regional chairperson, Moses Kotane local municipality Speaker
Sipho Vava was elected deputy chairperson, Lucky Madiba the regional secretary, Kabelo Nchabele as the deputy regional secretary, while the Speaker of Rustenburg Sheila Mabale-Huma was elected the regional treasurer.
– African News Agency (ANA)

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