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Blesser Gwede Mantashe exposed

Karabo Ngoepe, Ayanda Mdluli and Zodidi Mhlana

JOHANNESBURG – African National Congress Secretary General, Gwede Mantashe has been exposed as a blesser and sugar daddy who is desperately lusting and salivating after the vagina of a 23-year-old part-time model and a student to deal with the stress of the outcome of the ANC’s elective conference taking place this weekend.


Weekly Xpose is in possession of raunchy and explicit WhatsApp exchanges between Mantashe and Nomfundo Mlotshwa, a student at UNISA and a businesswoman.


blurred images of the vagina sent to Gwede Mantashe upon his request by Nomfundo Mlotshwa

Mantashe is the latest politician to be embroiled in a sex scandal and using their position of power and their wealth to lure young desperate women to their beds. Minister in the Presidency Jeff Radebe was exposed earlier this year after demanding to see the clitoris of a young government photographer. He was also involved in a raunchy set of exchanges of pictures between himself and the young woman.


Presidential hopeful Cyril Ramaphosa was also exposed to have been a blesser and a sugar daddy to at least eight young women he later claimed he was paying their tuition and accommodation fees some of whom he gave monthly allowances to.  Like Ramaphosa and Radebe, Mantashe is a married man with kids some of whom are older than the young woman he has since been caught red-handed trying to lure to bed.


Government has spent billions of rands trying to combat the spike in blesser/blessee relationships between sugar daddies and desperate young girls. According to social health studies, in SA young girls between the ages of 15 and 24 are the most likely to be in infected with HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases by sugar daddies and blessers on a weekly basis.
According to documents in Weekly Xpose’s possession, Mantashe even went further than asking for the young woman’s pictures and videos. He even shared with her sensitive information about his position in the ANC and about the forthcoming elective conference which he described to Mlotshwa as “a matter of life and death for us”.


“I will only be settled beyond 20 December. It is life and death for us,” Mantashe wrote. According to documents in Weekly Xpose’s possession, the WhatsApp exchanges between Mantashe and the woman started when Mlotshwa “erroneously” sent Mantashe pictures from her modelling portfolio which she intended to send to a modelling agency.


She said they were destined for an agency that had found work for her but instead of sending her pictures to the correct number, a one-digit mistake saw the pictures being sent to Mantashe who did not waste time responding.


Mlotshwa told Weekly Xpose that when she realised her mistake, at which time she wasn’t aware of the identity of the recipient of her messages, immediately sent another message to the recipient asking him/her to delete her pictures.


“Instead, a gentleman who identified himself as Gwede Mantashe, responded saying “I like the pictures, you are beautiful and I would like us to meet,” Mlotshwa said realising who this person was, she thought he would be beneficial financially. She said this is when her exchanges with Mantashe started.


She said: “We get along very, very well. I’ve been talking to him for about three months. We could be people who want to benefit from each. I’ve sent him my pictures. My intention was that this was going to be beneficial in a blesser and blessee type of way,” said Mlotshwa. In one of the conversations, Mlotshwa asked Mantashe about an ANC NEC meeting to which Mantashe responded by requesting pictures of her vagina. He went on to explicitly describe what he wanted to do to her. “It is very tough, pussy would help destress. I would screw you nice and smooth from behind. I would screw you until you scream softly,” he said in the message.The chats then started to include nudes being sent to Mantashe.


 She sent him a picture of her vagina and to his satisfaction, he said the cookie did not look like that of a 23-year-old woman. He continued to describe once more how he would pleasure it. “This looks more than 23. It is ready for a deep smooth screw,” he said. Mlotshwa then wrote back to Mantashe saying that she was ready for him. Mantashe then responded: “Can you take it thick, dark and deep. The clit is thick and nice.”


He was then promised that he would be able to see it. Asked if he was around for a meeting to see it up close and personal, Mantashe told her he was still in the Eastern Cape and they were all over the province, but he would indicate when he was back in Johannesburg. This was the time he was in the Eastern Cape at the end of October along with other top party officials on a fact-finding mission after the disastrous provincial conference.


Upon his return, Mantashe was quizzed about his free time but he told Mlotshwa that preparations for the upcoming elective conference made time a scarce commodity. WhatsApp exchanges between the pair continued with Mantashe on numerous occasions video calling the young woman, however, Moltshwa didn’t pick up the calls.


“Hallow. Please send me a nice pic. I am missing you,” Mantashe wrote. Mlotshwa responded by saying she was with a friend having dinner and sent a picture of a wine glass. That was however not what wanted Mantashe wanted and he requested her picture. “So you are giving me a pic of wine. I want to see your face and your beauty,” he told her.


She duly obliged and sent one of her face. In another exchange, Mlotshwa sent Mantashe a screen grab of a video where she appears to be twerking in a lace underwear. “You really want me to screw you from behind,” Mantashe asked her. To which she replied: “Yes baby!” with emojis of a tongue sticking out and a face with hearts in the eyes.


He then requested to see more, even asked her where she was but Mlotshwa indicated she was out having drinks.


She promised to send more when she got home. Mlotshwa promised to be home after 10pm. At 10:19 pm, Mantashe sent her a message to say he was alone at home.


“Are you still out there… with your beautiful bums. And you are hiding the boobs. I’m not sleeping waiting for you,” he said in the messages. Mantashe was however left disappointed as Mlotshwa never went home and instead went to a friend’s house. In the morning she told him. The disappointment was short-lived as two days later following yet another missed video call, Mlotshwa sent him a picture of her vagina.


It is not clear whether the pair has met, however, documents in possession of Weekly Xpose reveal that they have agreed to meet after the ANC conference.


“I recently lost my phone, but before that, we had agreed that we were going to meet after the ANC conference. We are supposed to be meeting after the 20th, But I lost my phone,” Mlotshwa said.


Mantashe who was rude at first when approached by Weekly Xpose team said: “Between now and the conference, the media would be scavenging for scandals. That I am running away does not need me to be rude. A relationship does not wait for the conference,” he said.  A few hours later, Mantashe called asking for a meeting which he scheduled for Tuesday 12 December 2017.


When he was told that the story could not wait for the meeting to take place, he then responded as follows: “There is no relation between me and Nomfundo. I resisted inducement into blesser/blessee relationship. When financial assistance was asked for, I resisted. When honey was put in front of me, I played along but refused. I used the conference as a serious reason for not following the trap. My inner clock told me that is was a trap. I avoided it,” he said.



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