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Kenyan opposition strategist arrested

JOHANNESBURG, December 4 – The reaction of Kenyans to the news of the arrest of a Kenyan opposition strategist has been sharply divided, underlining just how divided the country remains following the months of political unrest surrounding the elections.
Kenyan opposition coalition, the National Super Alliance (Nasa), released a statement on Sunday reporting that one of its key strategists, David Ndii, had been arrested in Kwale in the East African country’s coastal region.
“David Ndii is a dangerous secessionist who wants to divide this country. In fact, he should not be arrested but hanged,” tweeted Mwangi Mbagari on Monday morning.
But Isaac Okero, the president of the Law Society of Kenya responded differently on his Twitter page. “Why has @DavidNdii been arrested and where is he being held? Is he being permitted to speak to his lawyer? Has the rule of law and due process being respected?”
According to the Nasa statement, Ndii was taken away from the Diani area late Sunday and his whereabouts remain unknown.
“The family was told that he had been taken to the Diani beach police station, but when they went there they were told he was not there nor did they know where he was. No reason was given for his arrest,” Salim Lone, an adviser for Raila Odinga, the coalition’s leader, said in a statement.
“Nasa lawyers from Nairobi and the coast are trying to locate where he is being held,” he said, referring to the coalition by its acronyms.
Incumbent President Uhuru Kenyatta defeated Odinga in the August elections but these were annulled by Kenya’s Supreme Court, which ordered a rerun on October 26.
Kenyatta again swept the polls but many Kenyan opposition supporters boycotted the polls.
Odinga, and his supporters maintain that they don’t recognise the legitimacy of either Kenyatta or his government, and are planning on holding their own swearing-in of the Nasa leader on December 12.
–  African News Agency (ANA),

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