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TransforNation to tackle gender based violence and rape

Solly Makganoto

The rate of sexual violence in South Africa is among the highest in the world and according to Statistics South Africa, one in every four women is physically abused by her intimate partner. Every six hours, a woman is killed by her current or former intimate partner. These are some of the shocking statistics that illustrate the extent of violence against women in South Africa.


TransForNation plans to launch the Girl Power: self-defence and empowerment league at school throughout Gauteng.

The empowerment league is a series of sessions dedicated to teaching the skills of body awareness, special awareness, voice and self-defence skills, initially to girls and woman.


The Gauteng Education Department has provided TransforNation – through its associate education events company – ten quintile schools with more than 2000 girls.  “girls find themselves in a society riddled with violence.  Many girls have to commute daily, and even in spaces where they are supposed to be safe, they are at risk.  Our vision is to empower girls – and boys – with the skills and confidence needed to feel safe.  This is a movement about action – doing something” , says co-founder Ilana Bellotto.

According to TransforNation, this is just one step in fighting the institutionalised toxic masculine violence in South Africa.

The movement is inviting each and every South African to be part of the solution by pledging at least R100 towards the project being funded, which has a deadline of9 December 2017, then their vision would become a reality.

The organisation’s co-founders Ilana Bellotta and Devlin Brown are pleading with business people and every citizens to pledge for this worthy cause, as the project urgently needs funding to roll-out the project.


Less than hundred Rand may seem like a small amount of money, but Brown says that poor people have other things such as transport to worry about and that’s why they have opted for crowdfunding.  “R100 goes a long way.  Some people have pledged R5000 or R1000 – it is about what you can afford.  We will even take R20, 000 from businesses and include them in the process by keeping them in the loop as the league progresses.  At the end of the day, we decided to go the crowdfunding route because it connects a broad base of people who care with people who need”, says Brown.

For more information about TransforNation and how to pledge please click the link below:




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