November 11 - This is what the fake news post looks like. Picture: Supplied/Gibela

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Gibela warns of false information about a recruitment drive currently in circulation

JOHANNESBURG, November 11 – The Gibela rail consortium has distanced itself from the flyers and Facebook posts currently circulating about the recruitment of people for a significant number of technical positions.

“Members of the community should note that when the company recruits it uses formal channels, including newspaper advertising, posters at the community care centres, the company’s website, the stakeholder forum, and through the community liaison officers,” Gibela said in a statement.

“Further, Gibela does not use social media channels for any of its communication with the local community. The next recruitment drive for artisans and operators will be communicated early in 2018,” Gibela said.

Gibela was formed as a consortium to replace South Africa’s outdated rolling stock and would deliver 600 state-of-the art passenger trains into the South African rail network over the next 10 years. Gibela is headquartered in Johannesburg, while its manufacturing and training facility is located in Dunnottar, Ekurhuleni. Through the rolling stock project, Gibela would generate 1500 direct jobs and thousands of indirect jobs through the supply chain over a 10-year period. Thousands of people – engineers, artisans, technicians, train drivers and technologists – would benefit from training and upskilling, the statement said.

– African News Agency (ANA)

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