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A nation’s forced fed diet of ‘books’ and ‘monster’ fables

Remember White Interest made tons from ‘Saint’ Mandela now ‘Monster’ Zuma is the new economy!





Is white interest in this season serving South Africa as a nation a forced-fed  diet in book bombardment campaign with a political and as always economic agenda? This is a season of book releases, for some authors Christmas came early and the carefully orchestrated best-seller windfalls are colossal. Handsome payments for its role in a murky discourse.





It is certainly difficult to keep up with the pace of book releases. All the books interestingly, though not surprisingly shares a common central theme and person, namely Jacob G. Zuma the ‘monster’. In South Africa if you write anything negative on president Jacob Zuma it sells.  If you say anything bad about Zuma you are heralded as intellectually astute, morally sound, acceptable and an angel.





So well orchestrated and congested is this crafted narrative that one is guaranteed a best-seller status. Of those who in recent months and days released books we can count Redi Thlabi, 702 presenter, Jacques Pauw, long standing journalist,, Ronnie Kasrils former ANC veteran and the combo of Adriaan Basson and Pieter Du Toit famous for their part in the Gupta leaks.





As to be expected the central theme of all these books is and remains Zuma ‘the monster’ be it in regard to a  failed rape case as rehashed by Thlabi and Kasrils or the economic monster that Pauw and Basson wants to tell us all about.





They will forgive us to deduce this is a wholly conspired effort an extension of a campaign originally led by Opposition parties, pseudo civil society formation SAVE-SA, evidenced in eight failed motions, several historic ‘white’ marches of ‘Zuma must go’ and recently a silly ‘black Monday’. Yes a narrative  that has a direct aim of influencing in this  critical season and time the ANC’s elective conference outcome.





Seldom has any nation been so bombarded with a long concluded narrative that has as epicentre the denigration of an individual. Here is the puzzling aspect, Zuma after two terms as ANC president and 18 months short of completing his second term in SA presidency office,  is not remotely in any race for a third term. unlike his predecessor who vied for a third term of ANC leadership, he will not contest for a third term he has long confided in SA on this subject.





An interesting observation is made that even in the sharing of the stories the element of apartheid white racial supremacy remains more valued, promoted than that of an apartheid black author.





Another element underscoring the interest of a white supremacy identity is seen in what Qaanith Hunter a Sunday Times journalist shares as one who attended the Jaques Pauw book launch. In her own words “But I cannot ignore what I saw at the launch… there was another level of white privilege using the contents of the book to justify their racism and anti-black sentiment. I was in the back and there was a smug sense of “you see what happens when you put blacks in charge”;. Within five minutes of being there I was pushed to one side, told to shut up and spoken down at. It was only when they realised that I work for the Sunday times did the tune change. … the launch pained a horrible picture of South African society. The book, it appeared justify their racism and privilege.”





Hearing Hunter and her Pauw book launch experience reminded me of the Gupta leaks presentations I attended at Braamfontein and Cape Town Convention centre respectively. It is as if its high noon for white privilege to exert their superiority, firstly they attend these gatherings en-masse, secondly the conversations conveys the public arrogance and complete disdain in a black government. One therefore cannot exclude the agenda of white interest in pursuit of to regaining  South African political control. These books are significant machinery in their arsenal, at least in their assessment.





Thlabi’s book though with the Kwezi Kuzwayo lost rape case as springboard attempted to remind South Africa of the story of a woman that claimed she was raped. Rightfully Thlabi aided by Kuzwayo with this book attempted to claim back her rightful space after she was reduced to a faded identity. Thlabi thus seeks to give agency to Kwezi the person. I find no fault with that, Kwezi deserves like all of us her rightful identity beyond a lost case.





We are however also introduced to Thlabi’s claim of her own experience of sexual assault at the hand of the same Zuma ‘monster’. The strange aspect of this story is Thlabi unlike Kwezi  has never laid a charge. Certainly Thlabi could have taken a leaf from Kwezi’s book no pun intended.





She laid a charge and a case was heard though she lost the case. Thlabi with much more than Kwezi to her disposal in profession, media, societal context and standing has hitherto laid no charge. She instead chose to write a book, which is her right, but she denies her story to be tested where it matters and a finding can be made. No investigative journalist asks Thlabi as to her reluctance to lay a charge, there is no interest to ascertain the full truth, all we are fed is Thlabi’s side and this augurs well in an environment where the dominant narrative has determined the accused guilty as charged in a public court. There may be another narrative but we are denied that because the court as rightful final arbiter may assist us with the complete picture.





Despite Thlabi’s book getting some mileage it does not remotely compare to the access her white counterpart Jacques Pauw gets for his book. For obvious reasons, nothing else but she is not white.





Jacques Pauw’s book was released a week ago and it was within days leaked in PDF form to every plausible social media group, that is how an unsolicited  copy arrived on my WhatsApp too. How  Pauw  keeps up with the never ending requests for interviews only he knows. He is inundated with interviews on every platform and you can hardly turn a radio or TV station on without being confronted with Pauw’s voice. South Africans are blackmailed in claims of buy the book, read it,  it is the gospel. Even known none readers boasts their copies, because it is described in adjectives of ‘explosive’, ‘dynamite’ and a ‘must read’.





Regardless to how Pauw may protest it remains my view this leak was a neatly planned and orchestrated excellent marketing strategy. I hold Pauw and publishers flooded the society with the book.  I asked, has any black writer or journalist ever been so promoted as Jacques Pauw in this season. Indeed white life remains supreme in SA, they  determine and inform as always what we must read.





When you challenge Pauw, his  supporters first attack you for defending corruption, when they realize that does not deter some of us, they resort to telling you who Pauw is in a history of liberation struggle and that he was the one to have unveiled Vlakplaas apartheid atrocities. They lecture us on Pauw like they lecture us on Max Du Preez who by the way is on the cover Pauw’s book in claim of ‘dynamite’. My retort,  if struggle heroes that made major contributions can become corrupt, why are struggle journalists exempted from that same corruption backsliding. It is therefore not far-fetched to consider Pauw in this season may be corrupted by a combination of white monopoly capital and an apartheid white identity political interest regardless to what he did in a time past.





No soon has Pauw’s book seen the light and claims from Paul O’Sullivan, Ronnie Kasrils  even Aggliotti a trio of self-important ones, tell SA  that they were deeply involved in the writing of the book, the same  Pauw denies. We asked who wrote the book? Until you understand it’s not really one author it’s an array of stories, conclusions, half-stories, estimations claims, leaked information and pronouncements nothing  that the newspapers that leads a certain narrative has not yet dished up. In a sense the book is a compilation of these newspaper stories, opinion pieces and interviews with whistle blowers, hearsay and enough speculation of alarming claims.




Pauw  from his self made crystal ball, go as far as anticipating the elections for both ANC’s 54th Conference scheduled for next month, as well as the National Elections of 2019 may be rigged. It is when you hear Pauw in this mind that you realise there is much more fiction than fact parading from Pauw. Pauw must tell us where in the past of ANC and SA were elections rigged, the evidence for such simply does not exist. Yet he is the ultra-prophet of this hour signing thousands of books and coining it all because white monopoly capital has turned Zuma into the personal economy. Pauw is the final authority, he harvests his retirement in grand style.






Not to be undone Ronnie Kasrils by now a confirmed Zuma hater, who contributed to Pauw’s book also released his rehashed what I have deemed old food with a new twist, told by him the angel. Kasrils’ recooked meal takes a long stretch to exile experiences, he would stitch together these claims to complete his inferred monster claims and by so doing attempt a relevance because Kasrils is politically for all intends and purposes today outside the ANC a irrelevant soul teetering on political extinction. His only meal ticket for any semblance of possible relevance is locked up in what white monopoly capital interest that feed on a Zuma economy extends to him.





Kasrils claims he was the prophet who told the ANC about Zuma, an ANC that didn’t listen to his prophecies. Always the clever, self righteous and attention seeker he will in this season cud on  his old food and attempt preparing us a meal from that when we know the cook. The reality is as much as Kasrils hates Zuma he owes his extended political life in eked fashion the very one he hates. So we expect another book soon this is how he attempts staying relevant, and can we guess what it will be all about – you guess Zuma the Monster part 3.





SA punch-drunk of book launches will shortly be treated to another cocktail from  Adriaan Basson and Pieter Du Toit that have now taken  the Gupta leaks to make up a  book. You guessed right it is the same story told, rehashed and recoiled all in aim of telling SA of its monster president. It’s a full blown campaign that has failed to succeed with eight vote of no confidence motion thus far.





So each of the authors in their own right and with their own vested interest will seek to influence the ANC’s 54th Conference outcome for their preferred candidate, Ramaphosa, though Zuma is not remotely contesting. They all play their respective parts to keep the status quo of white monopoly intact as duly  in control and the disparity of a white rich and  a black poor as normal in democratic SA. Their books aid the racist narrative and persuasion of ‘blacks cannot lead’ so SA’s natyrak salvation is in an apartheid white identity.





What is indisputable is, no different to how they made tons of money from Mandela ‘the saint’ with the millions of books, they in this season have found their crafted sequel with a villain namely Zuma so the books will be coming thick and fast. Expect even a movie there are no limits to how much white monopoly capital will invest to classically condition South African and world minds to protect the interest of that apartheid white identity.





You can know and trust one thing about  white monopoly capital they will make some good money even from a claimed  ‘monster’. So apartheid whites stream to attend these book launches, they gather en-masse and with a smug have the audacity to celebrate the uselessness of blacks in charge, a narrative they have always believed, now can pontificate with a sense of stoic arrogance while they seek to feed us this in hope we too will long for a white led SA. All this time  while clever blacks boasts they have all the books when they do not read any less reading the white interest agenda at play.





Clyde N.S Ramalaine

Clyde Ramalaine – Columnist and Analyst
Clyde N. S. Ramalaine is an ordained and licensed member of the SA and USA clergy with over 25 years of service as a practicing theologian. Ramalaine’s incisive political analysis and commentary on a variety of issues has appeared regularly in most SA newspapers since 2010.
His work continues, among others, to appear in The Thinker, the leading Pan African Journal for thought leaders. He participates in panel discussions on subjects of his interest, and has appeared on SABC and ANN7 platforms, among others.
A published author including annual anthologies of political commentary and a volume of poetry named Gekraakte Blare.
He holds a BTH (Hons-Status) with double majors Systematic Theology and Sociology from the University of Western Cape (UWC).
He also earned a MA Theology (Systematic Theology) Cum Laude from North West University (NWU). His dissertation “Black Identity and experience in Black Theology: A Critical Assessment” is considered a ground-breaking and very relevant work in Black Theology. In such, he successfully questioned the usage of the epithet ‘black’ from a socio -historical and theological perspective.
He serves as management consultant on strategy design, analysis, and communication services for the last 22 years with serving clients in both private and public sector domains.
Analyst for Weekly Xpose.

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