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Whatsapp anticlimax

Ogopoleng Mushi

Just when we are all happy and excited about Whatsapp’s new looks and features, it just decided to hurt our feeling on the spot. Not sure about you but my mind was already flowing with ideas of inventing a “reverse update” technology.


Before we start addressing the inconveniences it created, can we just talk about how cool the new version? The live location share option( no space for” I’m 15 minutes away” when you’re only about to take a shower- mwahahaha!), message retraction options and the nicely modified emojis. Wow!! Well done Whatsapp, but do not all of a sudden hit us with a new name, we will call it Whatsapp even if you become boujee all of a sudden.


Okay great, time to complain now. Mwahahaha!!! There’s that evil laugh again. Honestly Whatsapp, do you know how many students get stranded in the morning after an intense student night? I mean yesterday was Thursday. What about that booty-call gone wrong? Someone somewhere in the world woke up needing a pick up from somewhere, with just data in her phone… how dare you Whatsapp, going down when you needed the most?


Shame man, some relationships got saved though, fairly sure. You know those “I was waiting for you but could not get a hold of you” type of conversations when man just came back from side dish when you had to meet up for breakfast? I know you acting fresh girl but you man was not sitting on the other side, he lied.


Look on the bright side though, you had a little break from the useless group that doesn’t stop talking. The chain messages from you mother… I mean, besides all the sudden trauma and phone restarts, it was not too bad.


Let’s see what the masses had to say about this:




Twitter is just something else hey. Wait! What happens if Twitter goes down?



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