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They say a picture paints a thousand words, but I bet a video paints millions. Allow me to talk a little about the recent demonstrations that have been happening in the country, we could even start from 1976 or 2015 but to be fair, let’s take it back to just this week.


It’s Friday, so let me add a little bit of raw sauce on your day. You done now!


Let’s start with the “black Monday” strike that happened. The protests was apparently about the farm murders that have been happening in the country. The surprising element of this however, comes when the whole “demonstration” turns to a sporadic twist of events when all of a sudden, old South Africa flags were held up while the new South African Flags were burned.

A man burning a South African Flag at a Black Monday Protest


This is the alleged memorandum that was send forth by the Black Monday masses:


Very cute. Let’s leave that right here and then move on…


Another peaceful (underline that) protest started at the University of Cape Town (UCT), where a number of female students undressed in public. This sort of protest happens when protesters show what little power they have, it is also a form of explaining a shift in attitude from compliance to defiance.


Two protesters guarded by an group of police in UCT

Shockingly, the police presence at this STUDENT march was very tight (as of course compared to the black Monday protest). The students were not burning anything and yet they still got arrested.


Take a look:




With the little information shared here, you can clearly see that equality and justice are just dreams in South Africa. You might say this is a one sided piece and yes it is, it is a one sided piece addressing all the facts that never want to be put in the light because they may just offend someone.


I have no words for you South Africa, none.



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