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Body Shaming or nah? Papa Penny Ahee

Ogopoleng Mushi 


Since the inception of Papa Penny’s reality show, social media has had a lot to say about his ways of doing and saying things. This week Papa Penny continued to live up to the expectations that the show has put up so far.


Of late, Papa Penny has taken a turn on living a healthy lifestyle and visiting dieticians while dragging his Wife along. This was of course before he opened up about what his thoughts were about his Wife’s weight.

Yesterday’s episode of Papa Penny Ahee continued to provide Mzansi with reasons of what Mama Nomi withstands when it come to her forthright and direct Husband.


The Legendary disco King, went on from telling Mama Nomi that she probably weighs-in over 300kgs to further saying that he doesn’t have the money to be extending doors and buying a new bed at the end of every month.


These were the words uttered by the disco king in a jokingly fashion, well not everyone thought this was funny. Many Twitter users somehow found Papa Penny’s comments abusive rather.



It is rather puzzling how people say vocal women won’t get married while condescending men are allowed to say what they please. Maybe this is Papa Penny’s way of encouraging, not body shaming… after all, he has a questionable sense in a lot of things.

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