he eviction of the Vieira family from the Roodebloem Mansions in Woodstock was carried out on Wednesday despite the efforts of activists who oppose the widespread gentrification of suburbs close to the Cape Town city centre. PHOTO: Lubabalo Poswa

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No stopping Roodebloem Mansions eviction in Woodstock

CAPE TOWN– A long-time resident of Roodebloem Mansions in Woodstock in Cape Town was evicted from her home on Wednesday despite the best efforts of activists allied to the Reclaim the City initiative.



Unemployed Carmina Vieira and her family, including her fisherman husband and two adult children, have called Roodebloem Mansions home for 26 years but were finally put out on Wednesday after being served with an eviction notice on October 11.



Activists from Reclaim the City and Ndifuna Ukwazi sat in the doorways and passageways of the building, forcing the Sheriff of the court to carry the Vieira family’s belongings over their heads.



The sheriff arrived at 10 am followed by police after the activists refused to leave.


The evictions of long-time, mostly poor residents in Woodstock and surrounds have become an emotive issue as gentrification and rapid urban development squeeze original residents out of areas close to the Cape Town CBD.
A Reclaim the City spokesperson said during the eviction process: “Eviction of the Vieira family is still underway, they are moving 26 years of belongings onto the pavement. We can’t stop it so now we are looking for support to help move their belongings and to search for alternative accommodation.”
It is understood that the family was eventually moved to the abandoned Woodstock hospital.
Tenants of Roodebloem Mansions, together with the Reclaim the City movement, have been resisting the eviction process by the landlord who is set to renovate the building.

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