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Emchips: a tragic bathroom mistake

Ogopoleng Mushi


They say the road to life is long and winding, so it’s important to pick up your milestones along your way… from making the biggest hits to showing the smallest parts.


So Emtee showed his private part by mistake yesterday while taking a live video on Instagram. He accidentally showed his penis while flushing the toilet after taking a loo. Let us not ask why he would take a live video in the bathroom in the first place… that’s completely normal right?


Let’s face it, this can also be considered one of the greatest times of this guy’s life. Even the smallest thing, I mean smallest mistake of showing his “genitals” made a noise all over social media.


This tiny mistake got people starting a #EmteeD**kChallenge, which was huge!! I’m not using these adjectives any more than usual, get your mind off of Emtee’s private part!




These artists always hint things in their music. Don’t sleep on the lyrics!

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