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Don’t Spread AIDS, Spread the Message, Students Tell Ramaphosa

Ogopoleng Mushi
CR, don’t spread AIDS, spread the message. This was one of the messages on a poster during a demonstration by hundreds of students who marched to the offices of South African National Aids Council in Hatfield Pretoria earlier today to demand the removal of Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa as SANAC chairperson.

CR fund us, don’t fuck us, read another poster. The march was triggered by leaked emails, which WeeklyXpose reported on, showing how Ramaphosa had extra-marital affairs with at least eight women, many of them university students.

The march was organised by ANC Youth League, University of Johannesburg APK branch who were joined by other student formations including the Pan African Student Movement of Azania(PASMA), the Congress of South African Students(COSAS) whose members came in their respective school uniforms.

The marches insisted Ramaphosa had to be removed as the chair of SANAC, “since his conduct was in contrast with what SANAC stood for. One of the students from the university of Johannesburg(UJ) who preferred to remain anonymous said: “It does not make sense to me why a person who is busy sleeping around with young students can still be coaching the whole country about condoms and sexually transmitted diseases, especially AIDS. No ways, this Blesser must go!”

Added the student: “Again it is very hypocritical for someone like Ramaphosa, who has been very vocal, condemning Blessers and sugar daddies to be the one leading the campaign against AIDS when he himself is the country’s Number One Blesser. He must do the honourable thing and step down as chairperson of SANAC to preserve the reputation of this important institution.”
The students submitted their memorandum to SANAC Secretary, Dr Connie Kganakga who told the students that their memorandum would be circulated accordingly, saying that a response would be given within 15 days as per the students’ demand. The marchers threatened to stage more demonstration if SANAC did not keep to its word.


According to the leader of the ANCYL UJ, Ndiphiwe Madiba, other demands by students are that:
1. That SANAC must establish educational programmes educating female students about Blessers.
2. SANAC must declare its support for free education to protect girls from Blessers.
Madiba said not only are the students worried about the high tuition fees that keep most of them from learning, the were also concerned about the well-being of female students all over the country.
Madiba said many female students are led astray by people who have money like Ramaphosa who want sex in return.

This he said was a behaviour that placed the lives of female students at risk, many of who contract diseases such as AIDS. “We call for SANAC to have programs that will teach students about these Blessers and SANAC must declare their support for free education because we believe that these sugar daddies like Ramaphosa, take advantage of students because they don’t have money for their tuition fees,” said Madiba.


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